Competed Frame By Wyandot RustProofing

  Completed Frame Treated by WRP




Fluid Film is an excellent choice to protect

anything you want to take down the highway.



Vehicles are consistently exposed to sun, rain, wind and snow, leading to rapid deterioration.  Road salt and debris from tire spray cling to your vehicle’s underbody, eating away at the metal and electrical connections. This not only results in poor appearance and loss of value, but also hazardous safety issues as well.  


When used in undercoating, FLUID FILM creates a non-drying barrier that moisture cannot penetrate. FLUID FILM is excellent in penetrating metal pores, where it migrates to inaccessible areas.  With its unique lanolin base, FLUID FILM will actually imbed itself in the pores of the vehicle's metal, resisting wash off and keeping moisture and oxygen from getting to the metal. The protective barrier keeps dirt and mud from clinging to the underbody and prevents corrosion from the salt and calcium chloride.  FLUID FILM also provides long lasting lubrication for all moving parts, extending maintenance schedules.


Undercoating with FLUID FILM offers a more cost saving and more effective alternative to the standard hard-body coatings.  These types of coatings can crack or chip, letting moisture enter under the coating and become trapped against the vehicle's surface. This will actually accelerate corrosion rather than

prevent it.  Unlike hard-body coatings, FLUID FILM remains soft and pliable, making it self-healing, nondrying, and impossible to crack.  


Containing no solvents, FLUID FILM will not evaporate or freeze, protecting your vehicles and trailers for extended periods of time.  


For the best protection FLUID FILM can offer, it is important to apply it yearly. 




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