Wyandot RustProofing rust proofing school buses.

WRP Protecting School Bus Fleet

Corrosion in the trucking industry is a
billion dollar a year problem. 



Chemicals used to keep the roadways safe are highly destructive to exposed metal, resulting in a major increase of corrosion-related issues.  Truck bodies, electrical connections and trailer wiring start to fail in response.  Undrcoating with FLUID FILM provides commercial vehicles with durable protection and lubrication, avoiding costly repairs. 


FLUID FILM's soft, self-healing coating protects all metals, wiring systems and truck underbodies from the effects of corrosion.  Its slick, non-drying film also provides lasting lubrication for all moving parts and ends annoying squeaks.  FLUID FILM is not water soluble, resisting splash off from water, slush and mud during driving.


It is an excellent ice inhibitor and release agent for salt in dump boxes.  Working in subzero temperatures, FLUID FILM keeps ice and snow from building up on moving metal parts.  


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Rust and corrosion protection is a vital step in keeping your trucks working for you !






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