Wyandot RustProofing protecting Ro Gator.



FLUID FILM on the Farm:

extends scheduled maintenance, 

maintains equipment integrity... 

keeps money in your pocket. 



Exposed metals can face rapid deterioration, seriously shortening equipment life and durability. Lubrication and corrosion prevention are key elements to your equipment’s health.


FLUID FILM's soft, active coating penetrates to the base metal, where it migrates to create a formidable, protective barrier that prohibits corrosion on a molecular level.   FLUID FILM will not freeze and retains a slick consistency, keeping chains and moving parts from binding or building up with dirt and debris.


FLUID FILM protects equipment from atmospheric corrosion in storage facilities and metals exposed to animal waste.


FLUID FILM will not burn plant material when used on cutting devices.  With a high flashpoint, exceptional water displacement and non-conductive characteristics, FLUID FILM is an excellent protectant for battery terminals and electrical connections.  FLUID FILM also brings luster back to sun-baked coatings and helps prevent dirt and mud from caking on painted surfaces.       


FLUID FILM stops the highly corrosive action of salt, calcium, chloride, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides on all metal surfaces.  Containing no solvents, FLUID FILM will not evaporate, providing lasting lubrication and powerful protection for equipment in use and in storage.



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